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We believe in life sciences and technology as the first steps in making things happen. That's why we are constantly looking for new processes and cutting-edge technological capabilities that help us generate value and progress for our customers.

Innovation is the result of the synergies created by our mindset, knowledge, and technology. It motivates us to design solutions from a holistic view of our industry, focused on productivity.

When we transform knowledge into effective solutions, we provide the manufacturer with more efficient recommendations to meet current demands and anticipate future needs.

Wherever you want to go,

we’ll go together

At Premex, we have been accompanying animal protein manufacturers for more than 40 years in their important mission of being present every day on the table of every family.

And it is precisely because we accompany the manufacturers in the field, on their farms, in their challenges, that we really understand in depth that each one of them is a world full of unique features and distinct ways of doing things.

That's why, at Premex, whatever your goal is, we will be there to accompany you. And because we will always keep looking to the future, today we tell you that wherever you want to go, we’ll go together!

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Million lives impacted daily through products with Premex® ingredients.

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Technical Nutritional consultants, always ready to meet your needs.

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Expert consultants by species finding solutions to your challenges

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Global partner institutions in our network of knowledge at your service

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Countries where we are present with factories, offices, research centers and distributors, to nurture a better world together.

01 Our products
Smart Nutrition

In our Nutrition Unit we specialize in the development and production of integrated and customized solutions to generate a relationship that allows us to go beyond the commercial transaction, improving the profitability and performance of your business. This allows us to achieve a complete support that goes from the formulation of diets, management of raw materials, biosecurity and feeding programs, to consulting in production plants, farms, and monitoring of results.

02 Our products

The Additives Unit specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech additives that help you meet the need for greater safety, quality, and competitiveness of your feed. Our work is focused on ensuring safety throughout the food chain and improving the nutritional performance of animals, resulting in more productive and profitable businesses.

03 Our products

Reliable suppliers of high-quality products
In our commercialization unit, we provide efficient solutions for the supply of products in the animal protein manufacturing chain, thanks to the experience acquired during more than 40 years in the sourcing and global logistics of ingredients.

04 Our products

The main objective of our Premex Cattle unit is to optimize your results. Our programs, knowledge, use of special additives, technology and continuous technical support are aimed at making your production unit increase the production of kilos of meat or milk per hectare per year,
increase your efficiency index, and in general, make your business more productive and profitable.

05 Our products
Domestic animals - Pets

In our line of canine supplementation, Supledog, we are dedicated to the development of specialized nutritional supplements that contribute to the health, welfare, growth, reproduction, and appearance of your pet, always based on research and knowledge applied to the wellbeing of this great companion.

06 Our products
Companion Animals - Equines

Premex Equine Line is dedicated to the development of specialized nutritional supplements that contribute to the health, welfare, growth, appearance and optimal performance of equines, always based on research and knowledge applied to the wellbeing of this great companion.

Our supplementation accompanies your horse in its different physiological stages, as well as in its competition activities.


Our capacity for innovation begins by opening up infinite and valuable possibilities for manufacturers, for the Company and for the entire network of companies and professionals who interact with us in building more prosperous societies, in an ecosystem of innovation, where we constantly design better solutions for the challenges of our industry.

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Premex Team

Be a part of the Premex Team!

At Premex we are looking for people who are aware of the great difference that we can achieve in animal nutrition in terms of welfare, and the possibilities that technology, knowledge and innovation offer us to achieve it. Sound familiar? If you want to contribute, evolve and be part of the solution, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for you.