Innovation Labs

It is a critical and integral area of the Company where ideas and capabilities are found to transform knowledge into effective solutions that enhance the competitiveness of our partners.

Scientists, nutritionists, international experts, analysts, or data scientists. Different disciplines converge in this area and join the expertise of our partners, customers, distributors, suppliers, universities, and industry to form a global network fueled by knowledge that helps manufacturers produce more protein, more cost-effectively and with better quality. And we achieve this together, through this exciting process of innovation:

Our capacity for innovation begins by opening up infinite and valuable possibilities for producers, for the Company and for the entire network of companies and professionals that interact with us in building more prosperous societies, in an ecosystem of innovation, where we constantly design better solutions for the challenges of our industry.

This creative process is born in the knowledge network that we form today and that has a central headquarters, located in North Carolina, close to the Research Triangle Park, one of the largest research parks in the world, recognized for its leadership in life sciences and made up of more than 264 companies.

We are a

knowledge network

We are also aware of the importance of interaction and association between the different actors in the research and technological development processes, so we have generated links with these higher education institutions and research groups in different countries:

Thus, through Innovation Labs we channel the gestation of ideas and propose new methodologies for the processes.


Pilot Factory

Once the ideas exist, the great challenge is to materialize them and see how we turn the capabilities into effective solutions, together. At Premex we achieve this with our Pilot Factory, a capacity in which we develop prototypes or test versions, which allow us to know with certainty if the ideas that seek to innovate in the elaboration and composition of the feed, are feasible to be taken to production.

D+i Center in

Animal Nutrition

After having the ideas materialized in a test version, in the Pilot factory, we validated their applicability in our D+i Center in Animal Nutrition, integrated by three units:

Smart Farm:

Our SMART FARM model allows us to monitor and make decisions in real time while we develop the different trials for our clients (Video).


Once validated in the field, with the three units that make up the Animal Nutrition D+i Center, we analyze the results obtained and convert that information into knowledge to make effective and timely decisions.

Asimetrix, a partner company, integrates technology, analytics, and the livestock sector, with the purpose of contributing to produce more protein, more economically and with better quality.

And it does so by following these three main premises:

  • Making the complex simple.
  • Transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into profitability.
  • Anticipating the facts.

Analysis Laboratory

This innovation process ends with the validation of the results obtained in our Premex Chemical Analysis Laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the timely analysis of raw materials and finished products, in order to guarantee their quality and ultra-precision in the formulation.

Premex Chemical Analysis Laboratory offers its services based on validated and established analysis techniques, according to international standards and/or pharmacopoeias, such as ISO, AOAC, USP, and some Colombian standards such as NTC.

Technologies and Certifications

It is certified by the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA, under the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard, which indicates that it has calibrated equipment and adequate traceability. Additionally, it recognizes that it works with suitable and qualified personnel, as well as with the appropriate facilities and environmental conditions.

  • ICA Certification
  • Colciencias Award to Premex Laboratory
  • Own NIR Equations