In our Nutrition Unit we specialize in the development and production of integrated and customized solutions to generate a relationship that allows us to go beyond the commercial transaction, improving the profitability and performance of your business. This allows us to achieve a complete support that goes from the formulation of diets, management of raw materials, biosecurity and feeding programs, to consulting in production plants, farms, and monitoring of results.

The joint construction with our customers allows us to understand animal protein in a holistic way, providing nutrition, health, animal management and data analytics. This is how we work to help you produce more, at a lower cost and with higher quality protein on your farm, optimizing your business and profitability.



We are a company based on knowledge, delivering nutrition to manufacturers where specialized knowledge and applied science are reflected in each ingredient present, making the difference.

To learn more about our work alongside animal protein producers, we invite you to take a look at the following success stories.


Our talent allows us
to be what we are

We are proud to have a highly professional, knowledgeable, and committed team that learns from working together on each client's farms and companies to propose the best scenario from the established possibilities.




Research professionals
dedicated to development and technical support.


Expert consultants specialized
in poultry farming, pig farming, feed mills, quality in the food chain and raw material treatment, always support the daily work in the plant and in the field.


60 technical sales consultants,
specialized in nutrition to serve the Latin American market.

Profound Knowledge:

How we evolve together.

At Premex we are always trying to find efficiency and profitability for the benefit of the manufacturer. We go beyond the commercial transaction because we are partners committed to delivering solutions.

We create formulas that adjust to the needs of producers so that they can be more productive and profitable, as a result of careful monitoring, something that is extremely important in nutrition.

Real Support

The process of doing it together is vital to us, so we always seek to live the day-to-day life of the farms and their challenges and act accordingly.

Likewise, we seek to impact the indicators of this industry by looking at nutrition in a holistic way. We integrate nutrition, health, and management, with analytical capabilities and transform them into high impact projects for your business.

In these environments, specific needs arise that we introduce into our knowledge network, where we challenge the team on problems that come from our day-to-day work in the field, with manufacturers and their teams, obtaining solutions that eventually go from impacting farms to businesses and become industry breakthroughs.

We are the ally that nurtures the productivity of your business.

We provide solutions that maximize the genetic expression of your animals, through the application of cutting-edge nutritional concepts that give you access to the best possible nutrition, generating value to your business, improving your results, and increasing your profitability.